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Instant Noodles includes: Instant Bag Noodles / 50G, 55G, 60G, 65G, 70G, 75G,75G, 80G, 85G, 90G, 100G, 110G,120G; Instant Cup Noodles / 50G, 55G, 60G, 65G Instant Bowl Noodles / 70G, 75G, 80G, 85G Flavour: Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Seafood, Curry, etc. Advantage: Similar taste with Indomie brand With competitive prices Private Label accepted Samples for free Guo Mingyu / Export Merchandiser YANTAI SHUNHE FOOD CO.,LTD P: +86-532-66883428 / F:+86-532-66883438 M: +86-15053295457 / W: E:

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