Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Ishto?

Ishto is a social network and community for people involved in import/export and wholesale industry. The purpose of Ishto is to provide them with best resources they need to acquire new customers and suppliers. Our focus is to create a place for you to come when you are in need of help.

2.  How can I sign up for Ishto?

Signing up on Ishto is very easy. You need to fill out your full name, country, mobile number and email in the form HERE. You will receive an email confirmation after the submission of form.

3.  What is the benefit of signing up on Ishto?

There are a few benefits. We offer a place for you to advertise your products. You can create online brochure of your products. You can create and maintain your profile that people can see. Be able to chat in real-time with online users and others. Post your questions and receive an answer to it from one of the Ishto community members.

4.  What is "Products"?

Products is a place where all the ads appear from our users. You can review products button to see if your choice of products are listed there. You can open the product and see who added it and be able to send them a chat message.

5.  What is "Chat"?

Chat is simply a place like your favorite messenger where you can see people who are live and your sent and received messages will appear there.

6.  What is "Q&A"?

Post a question you want an answer to and receive one from our community member. May be you would like to know how can you start an import/export company or you want to know the freight charges; you can post all kinds of questions here.

7.  What is "Exhibitions"?

Exhibitions are only available on apps right now. Exhibitions feature is like a marketplace for buyers and sellers who would like to offer products to one and another. This can be done in real time. Stick with us while we make it work for web also.

8.   What is "Timeline"?

Timeline is a feed with news about your followings. You can stay updated by knowing their followings, their reviews, their activities, their products etc. We are still making it better so stay with us while we make this a much cooler place.

9.  Do I have to pay for using Ishto? Is there any Gold Membership on Ishto?

We are strictly following the rule of transparency in the industry. We do not charge any of our users to use Ishto’s basic features. And we don’t offer gold memberships badges.

10.  How do I add my products on Ishto?

Adding product needs 5 things – a good title, thorough description, category and sub-category and pictures. A good title may look like 5 to 8 words long. Eg, Punjabi Kurti from Amritsar in all shapes and sizes or Heinz Tomato Ketchup from Germany fresh stock. Description may involve some insights into the product and good pictures are important too.

11.  How do I share my products to my customers?

Once the product has been added you can see in your profile – clicking on the product will show you a few social media button, clicking on each with share in a given website to be seen by people in your network. Or else you can simply copy URL from top of your browser and send message to everyone in your network.

12.  I am a seller but I do not see supplier button anywhere on Ishto.

There is no difference between buyer and seller on Ishto. Anyone can be a buyer or a seller without a badge. We are not a marketplace; we are a knowledge and technology provider so we try to offer best solutions to everyone on our platform – not just selected bunch.

13.  I am a buyer but I do not know what to do next on Ishto.

As a buyer, you can simply search what kind of products you are looking for and receive results in a page. Click on a product interesting to you that will show you a message button – start chatting and negotiate with the seller directly without going away from Ishto.

14.  What type of people register on Ishto?

Our focus is on small wholesalers in food and apparel industry in India and UAE. They are the majority of people who are registering on Ishto. However, rest assured; we are not limited to them. We are finding the best feature before we roll it out to everyone. So in general, we do have a population of across the board importers/exporters, wholesalers, international business students, freight forwarders, shop owners and knowledge seekers in this industry.

15.  What is the blue chat window on right side corner?

It is for your convenience of not switching windows while chatting with your people on Ishto. It shows you people who are live on site.

16.  Do you have mobile apps for Ishto?

We do have android and iOS apps up and running on app stores. But to save resources we have stopped any further development of iOS app – but android is working well and you can download here

17.  What categories are on Ishto and why do I not see my category on Ishto?

Agriculture, food and apparel are leading categories on Ishto because people involved in these categories have adopted technology well and are willing to try us out. So once we have served them well we will expand to more and more categories. If your category is not listed send us a message at [email protected] and we will try our best to make it live.

18.  How do we know if we should be dealing with an individual we found on Ishto or not?

This is very important. You should never deal with someone if you have even slight hesitation with someone. For now, chat with people and feel out what they are like – ask questions to them, they should answer to all your questions. Check their profiles for previous reviews from people. Reviews will tell you what they are like as business people. But in general, be very careful while doing business. We are working hard in finding best solutions for this part and we will make it very easy for you in near future.

Haven’t found an answer to your question? Send us an email: [email protected].

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