Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 3" Sticks

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Organic Ceylon Cinnamon sticks of 3" size packed in spice box. This product is USDA Organic Certified. It is also Certified Organic by QAI, Norway. By choosing this product you are directly supporting a better life for farmers and community development. It is also called "True Cinnamon" or "Real Cinnamon" as it has soft sticks, milder,sweeter flavour than other cinnamons.Cinnamon is the world's most popular baking spice.Its common in savoury dishes like soups, chutneys, pickles and hot drinks like cider, coffee, tea and cocoa.The bamboo box could vary in shape and designs too, as its hand made.The aroma in cakes, cookies, breads,pastries and ice cream comes from this Ceylon Cinnamon.

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