"Carrie" Style Personalized Name Necklace Silver, Rose Gold

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Necklace Length (Chain Is Included) is 16.3 in, the adjustable chain can be extended to 17.3 or 18.3 in; 41.5 cm = 16.3 in; 44 cm = 17.3 in; 46.5 cm = 18.3 in; Our Name Necklace - Silver in 925 Sterling Silver provides you with an opportunity to show off a little bit of yourself in a more dainty and demure way! You can put any name or word you want on this stylish name necklace. Get one for yourself and for a friend or family member. This name necklace is made out of 925 Sterling Silver and hangs on a Soufeel Sterling Silver Chain. This necklace is also available in 14K GOLD Plated and Rose Gold.

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