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We are local gold mining company with a large scale of miners to supply gold worldwide in large quantity. We are miners and direct supplier of gold bars, gold dust and gold nuggets. We have pure gold dust, nuggets and bars for sale . We invite Buyers to contact for price and other details. As we represent a large number of artisan miners, we are prepared to provide quantities of up to 150-200 kilograms or more of 22 carat alluvial gold monthly. We need reputable buyers ready to buy and enter into long term yearly, monthly or weekly contracts with our company. Only serious buyers should contact us, don't waste your/our time if you are looking to impose your terms to us. We have our terms and conditions that are acceptable to clients who are ready to work with us. Quantity: 150-300 kilograms available monthly or more. Quality: 22 carat alluvial Au PRICE : $28,000-$30,000 dpending on quantity order. Minimum order Quantity: 1kg Contact us to start doing business with us

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