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Ishto is a new approach to finding wholesale buyers and sellers. Ishto is a social network for wholesalers and importers/exporters. At Ishto, we believe that, providing an active space to these business owners will lead to better connections, relationships and deals among them.

We have features like Exhibitions, Showcase, Instant Messaging, Timeline and Discover - which are all free.

We encourage you to signup, follow people, add your products, complete your profiles with pictures and start chatting with live people in order to make friends in the industry that will lead you to make friends and find customers and suppliers.

Why Us

Free Unlimited Showcase

You can add unlimited products using Add Product so that your products are discovered on Ishto and other search engines.

Chat with Live People

You can chat with all live people after signing up/ logging in - that will lead you make friends in the industry.

Stay connected

You can follow people to get news from them on your timeline that is relavant to your business - this will keep you well informed.

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