These are the most important tools for a wholesalers – list by Ishto

These are the most important tools for a wholesalers – list by Ishto

Today, we were asked about what we think are the best tools that are most useful to the wholesalers.

There is (so far) no website that serves all interests for the business owners. Hence, this list is very diverse in terms of style and approach.

B2b business partnerships
B2b business partnerships

Following are top 10 – our favourite ones are on top.

  1. Whatsapp: This app is in no way claims that it’s the best tool for importers/exporters or businesses but it undoubtedly is. It is a personal communication tool but businesses have adopted it well in their daily business lives as well. It makes the communication with everyone seamless.
  2. Facebook: Facebook has become a favourite to everyone – while using daily to be in touch with friends, people have also found ways to utilize Facebook groups for daily business related tasks. Because the amount of people using Facebook, this becomes one of the best ways to find customers and be in touch with them.
  3. Skype: Calling customers and business partners have been very cheap now but it’s still free on Skype – it is not the only option but we love it because of its widespread use.
  4. Alibaba: This is hands down best app out there for wholesalers. Offers everything from A to Z – you can even buy bulk from them worry free. It is no longer a B2B marketplace, it is now a full-fledged ecommerce website.
  5. IndiaMart: IndiaMart has been around for awhile now but it is now gaining its momentum with a lot of features that are loved by users like Instant Messaging, their commitment to offer at least a few leads is very valuable among the users.
  6. Linkedin: This one is another social network but people have now found ways to form communities in the groups and started making contacts to utilize them in future.
  7. MadeInChina: This one is very simplistic and it is loved because of it. No more or less in terms of features but Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are present here; making it a good place for someone to be.
  8. GlobalSources: Same as aforementioned counterpart, with an addition of information on trade shows happening around the cities.
  9. YellowPages: YellowPages is surprisingly helpful for you to find customers – simply listing your business can bring you a lot of traffic and phone inquiries. It offers very basic features but it is still very effective marketing place.
  10. TradeIndia or ExportersIndiaThis one is a draw. We couldn’t decide which one is better. But they are good places for someone who are struggling to find initial inquiries.

We haven’t listed Ishto (ourselves) onto the list as we did not want to seem very ingenuine. But we will let you be the judge on where we fit.

Keep Ishto-ing.

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